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Bayshore Homeowners Association Highlighted Area

About Our Neighborhood

The Bayshore Homeowners Association (BHA) represents all residents of the Bayshore neighborhood bounded by Alton Road, Pine Tree Drive, Dade Boulevard, and 40 Street. The neighborhood surrounds the MIami Beach Golf Club and Bayshore Park.  The purpose of BHA is to preserve and improve the single-family character of this neighborhood as well as to enhance the environment.


Membership Requirements: Resident of the Bayshore neighborhood.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:  Board of Directors meets monthly at the Miami Beach Golf Club;  General Meeting once a year, other meetings as needed.

The Bayshore Homeowners Association
provides community members the 
to help shape the future of their neighborhood and the city.

In The Works


The Bayshore Homeowners Association has worked diligently with the city over the years to see the dream of Bayshore Park come to life. Bayshore Park will be built on the existing Par 3. The mission of the park is,

"To create a passive park of natural beauty community enjoyment and enrichment, reflecting our island's culture and ecology, while serving as

a model sustainability, stewardship, and resilience." 

To learn more about Bayshore Park, including design renderings by Savino & Miller, visit G.O. MiamiBeach, GO#15. Find the full Design Review Board Presentation here.




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